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Details- Connector

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Please select the connector you'd like to add on your earrings. Connector will be placed between the stud and base by default, making the design more fashionable.

 #1. Baroque Pearl- genuine freshwater pearls, size 3~10mm. Size and color of pearl used will be chosen by Kaylala designers.   

#2. Colored Bead- size 8mm. Color used will be chosen by Kalala designers.

#3. Pink Crystal Bead- size 5mm.

#4. Crystal Stone- genuine stone, irregular particle, size10~15mm. Color used will be chosen by Kaylala designers.

#5. Glass Stone- genuine stone, cobbled, size 10~13mm. Color used will be chosen by Kaylala designers.


Please note

  • The pictures and objects will be slightly different because of the different display of each device.
  • Due to handmade nature, minor imperfection such as slight scratches may occur.
  • You are encouraged to contact Kaylala designers if you have specific requirements for your selection.
  • Refund or return is not available for customised products unless significant damage to the product caused by delivery.  
  • Kaylala Jewelry reserves all the right for the final interpretation of the content in this website.