Kaylala is a fashion brand established by 2 girls who work as nurse and engineer. We came from different cultural background but we discovered one thing in common between us - Fashion. We design and make our own fashion accessories in our free time. We adore the nature of Australia. Therefore, we use the elements we can find in nature to make our own fashion pieces. We pick up flowers and leaves from our own garden. Every time we wear our own design, our work attracts attention and compliments from our friends, and sometimes the public! People want to know where they can purchase such unique and artistic accessories. That is how we started our own brand.

We design and handmade our products in Perth WA, using native elements. The number of flowers and leaves that we can collect and use varies, depending on the weather and season. This means some of our products are the one and only. You'll never find the second pair.

No old products are thrown away or damaged, and any left-over materials are kept to be donated or re-used in workshops. All materials are toxin-free, and only high quality, professional-grade resin is used.

Our brand aims to make our customers look SHINY, BRIGHT and FABULOUS. FOLLOW us on Instagram @Kaylala_Jewelry to receive our fresh updates.

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